KiteDesk, a Tampa-based software company whose new browser-based platform for Salesforce® users improves every step in the sales process by adding a layer of business intelligence, social selling and CRM automation to the tools salespeople already use, has chosen Haneke Design as its official design partner.

What Is KiteDesk And How Will It Will Help You With Social Sales

There’s a fairly long list of functionality KiteDesk offers for helping you source leads across a wide range of data sources, reducing the amount of time you need to spend researching, helping find relationships across team networks, keeping Salesforce up to date and more. It offers what it calls an Intelligent ranking algorithm which tells you how strong relationships are (which in turns gives you a good idea how good a lead a person is).

Through the partnership, Point N Time (PNT) integrated into its Meeting Mapper for app KiteDesk's unique browser plug in, which adds an additional layer of business intelligence, social selling and CRM automation to popular web-based tools (ie, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook). As a result, Meeting Mapper users get "actionable intelligence" on every meeting attendee.

A new company called KiteDesk will be flying high above Dreamforce because it’s one the best new social selling solutions I’ve seen in a long time. KiteDesk works in the browser and lets you instantly access, create, and update information in Salesforce from any web page. Even better, KiteDesk integrates information from contacts, social profiles, CRM records, and public and private data providers to give complete and accurate intelligence on both companies and individuals.


KiteDesk Launches Social Sales Platform

Software company KiteDesk launched its browser-based social sales KiteDesk platform on Wednesday.
The product — designed to cut the amount of time spent on customer relationship management — is the result of many months of planning at the startup, which is based at the FirstWaVE Venture Center in Tampa.

KiteDesk has released a browser-based platform for users that combines CRM automation, social selling, and sales intelligence.

KiteDesk has taken the notion of a contact and found a way to plug it into a widely adopted system like Salesforce. It enables the filtering and combing for the right sales contact to be done using even more contextual data, a potentially smart way for sales teams to engage leads.

KiteDesk announces the release of its browser-based platform for Salesforce® users that combines CRM automation, social selling and sales intelligence. Based on the principle that salespeople should have all business intelligence and social connections at their fingertips, KiteDesk brings the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Apps™ service, Microsoft® Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, and SaaS applications into a single browser window. Its 360-degree view of companies and people dramatically reduces time spent on prospecting and CRM administration while improving employee morale.

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